Madden 17 Series: Gameplay Ideas For The Future

Source: Forbes Technology

With the August 23 release date for Madden 17 quickly approaching, I am going to continue to look at various aspects of the game’s past and future in an ongoing series over the next couple of months.

Of all the issues that Madden fans will angrily flock to the internet to complain about, gameplay may inspire the most passionate opinions.

Fans are patiently awaiting their yearly Madden replenishment on August 23. (Photographer: Ben Nelms/Bloomberg)

From broad criticisms like “linebackers intercepting too many passes” to more specific issues like a certain play being overpowered, the flood of varying gripes makes it almost impossible for EA Sports to please everyone.

In recent years, though, the development team has formed an increasingly tighter relationship with the elite, tournament level Madden player, and it has reflected positivly in the year-to-year improvements. The connection between eSports players and the game’s creators has made it much easier to identify and fix game breaking issues such as flats zone assignments not working correctly in Madden 10 and blitzes that break the game’s blocking A.I. each year.

EA announced the full set of improvements and new features for Madden 17 in May. These included the number of zone assignments being increased from three to ten, new maneuvers for the ball-carrier to cut through traffic, and the swat button returning to combat Madden 16′s overpowered aggressive catch.

Presentation upgrades and new Ultimate Team features may be what garner the most headlines, but hardcore players always look at the gameplay first.

Let’s talk about a handful of improvements and fixes that will continue to push Madden into the future.

1) Spider 2 Y-Banana!!!!!