Madden 17 Series: Gameplay Ideas For The Future

With those words, Jon Gruden launched thousands of memes and along with Chip Kelly’s famous abstract signage at Oregon, pushed the NFL’s coded play call methods into the mainstream.

They weren’t perfect, but NBA 2K16 successfully implemented voice commands into its play calling. Users can shout for man defense or a 2-3 zone and call for a pick and roll on offense. It need fine tuning but is a decent jumping off point.

Madden should employ similar voice commands for its offense and defensive adjustments.

Moving beyond that, it should allow you to call an audible with custom voice commands that you as the player create. Want to catch the defense off guard and audible to a bunch formation? Just say, “I ain’t got time to bleed”, and your audible is selected.

Yes, I watched ‘Predator’ last night.

2) Bring Back NCAA Football’s Coaching Menus

This was partially addressed starting with Madden 15 when it let you choose “aggressive” or “conservative” play for your zone defense.

It still pales in comparison to what was possible in EA’s NCAA football games.