Madden 17 Series: Gameplay Ideas For The Future

NCAA’s “Coaching Menus allowed you to make decisions for each unit of your offense and defense. The user could tell his defense to go for the strip or the safe tackle. They could tell the d-line to attempt to jump the snap, the secondary to try for an interception or play it safe with a swat, and a host of other important adjustments.

These menus were in NCAA going as far back as the Playstation 2, but have never been in Madden. Not once. Bringing them back would add a host of depth to a game that needs as much of that as possible as a growing presence in the eSports industry.

3) Make The Play Call Screen Work Best On Phones

Fallout 4′s Pip-Boy app impressed with its responsiveness and in-game functionality. There is no reason this cannot be duplicated and even improved upon by Madden.

Madden 16 features a limited amount of second-screen functions, but would never make a competitive player consider using it as their play call screen. This also would take away the problem of being able to see your opponent’s play call screen during in-person matchups. Touch screen controls with Madden’s play calling on a phone or tablet could go way past what’s been possible on a TV. Users could tell a safety to line up in a certain spot, or change the angle of a linebacker’s blitz. How about telling a receiver to shorten the curl route by a few yards or drawing up a new route for them entirely?

Tyrann Mathieu lines up nearly everywhere in the Cardinals’ defense. He should be able to do that in Madden too. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

4) Get Rid Of Pointless Restrictions With Substitutions

It wasn’t until Madden 11 that “Sub” defensive formations were put into the video game.

A Sub defense is essentially a formation that looks like a base 3-4 or 4-3, but employs five or more defensive backs. They’ve been called the NFL’s “new base defense”. Madden now features a plethora of these schemes that used to only be possible through choosing a Dime or Nickel play and then audibling to a 4-3 formation at the line of scrimmage.